From my days in print design, I love the idea of colophons and wish websites did them more for curious minds like mine. Here’s what’s behind this site…

Navi and I working on our usual bench / Halifax, NS Waterfront

The name Murphaphors comes from my love of metaphors. My second choice was MetaMurphosos sicce the writing is all about forming a different, better life.

The website is built with Jekyll. Since I’m a Ruby afficiando it was a good fit. I might eventually move it to Ruby on Rails but static files serve really well.

I designed all of the visual appearance, graphics, and responsive CSS myself (though I did save time by hacking a default theme).

The colors and wavy patterns represent the ocean which I couldn't live away from.

I do almost all of my work from park benches, coffee houses, and pubs. (If you notice a typo here, it was probably the pub.) I’ve been working on these articles for over two years in places like Portland Maine, Boston MA, Dublin Ireland, London England to my favourite Nova Scotia. Unless I take an airplane or it’s below 0ºC Navi is always alongside.

I have a little Ubuntu cloud server on Digital Ocean I set up from scratch for all of my projects. FreeBSD was long my love, but I’m short on time these days so I chose the one with more solutions on Google.

Finally, no design (let alone one focused on writing) is complete without beautiful typography. I’m using Adelle for serif and my long time favourite Myriad Pro for sans.

In closing, here’s some photos of us working along the journey: