About Me

My “day job” is working as a software engineer at a wonderful company called Element 84. I’m most known for making apps for Apple, and started in a tiny community of developers writing for the Mac long before iPhone was released.

I’m most proud of working at Mozilla on Firefox and Camino. These days I’m having fun with Ruby on Rails and the web, although I take on just about any technology I need to make an idea possible.

While passionate about technology, I’ve always had one foot outside, literally, with animals and nature. For about 7 years I lived in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania where I started a little animal rescue operation called Love Today Farm:

I’d like to help others who struggled like I did.

My first published entry was distributed through one of my iOS apps. It started by telling the story of how making a little app helped start my journey of finding a better life for myself, and also land me at Element 84.

I’m currently working on an immigration process to be able to stay permanently in the place I fell in love with, Nova Scotia, Canada. While that’s in motion I’ve been traveling around the world working from Portland Maine, Boston MA, Dublin Ireland, to London England in coffee shops. I plan to start a new rescue farm in Canada. Until then I’m with the two best friends in the world, my dog Navi and cat Ojay.

To read how I put this website together, visit the colophon.

PS – Here’s some photos of us working along the journey:


I’m not active on any social media, but I do post pictures every so often on Instagram.